Joffre’s Water response to COVID-19

At Joffre’s we understand we are dealing with a primary food product. It is therefor vital our equipment, practises and policies are in line with public safety. In addition to our own desire to create the proper safety measures we must meet all Provincial Government Health Department requirements. That condition and subsequent practice has been our policy for all the years we have been in business. However every time you come in you watch our staff rinse and fill your bottles without realizing exactly what we are doing. So let’s have a look – – – –

  1. When we pressure rinse your bottle we want to ensure the complete inside of your bottle is clean.
  2. Next thing we do is dip the neck of your bottle in a peroxide disinfectant.
  3. Now we put your bottle under a tap, all the time we do not touch the neck of the newly disinfected bottle.
  4. The next thing that happens is we fill your bottle with our water. The very last filter the water passes through is a UV Light which kills any bacteria and then the water is in your bottle.
  5. You will notice we like to keep our bottle caps in warm water. This is a water/peroxide solution that both disinfects the cap and warms it up so we can get it onto the bottle easier.
  6. Now we take your bottle and put it in your vehicle. No particular safety measures here except those bottles are heavy and while you are at our shop we simply want to make your complete experience both happy and little to no hard work.
  7. Other things you may notice is all our equipment, tables, walls shelving etc. that comes in contact with your bottles are made of stainless steel. These surfaces are much easier to keep clean and disinfected than other kinds of surface. We not only wipe them often during the day but all stainless surfaces are sprayed with hydrogen peroxide at night and dried with paper towelling. The Health Department wants us using paper towelling because it is clean and not kept around after use, therefore it does not attract bacteria that is used again as would be the case with cloth towelling.

We hope this shows you what we do to keep your water clean and safe. Please know we appreciate you coming in to see us and we hope too, this helps you stay safe during this time.

Joffre’s Water 30th Anniversary Specials

Joffre’s Water – 30 Years Your Water Expert Since 1990 we have been serving Stony Plain, Spruce Grove and Parkland County, and even further afield with the purest water available in Alberta. No, that is no boastful statement. That is what lab tests keep telling us. Such tests are not only commissioned by us but by others as well. Both government and non-government organizations have need for pure water and we have been filling that need.