Joffre’s Water response to COVID-19

We continue to serve

Hi, I’m Ken Darby – I am involved in the ownership and management of Joffre’s Water both in Stony Plain and Spruce Grove.

As a result some of you may think I am biased toward Joffre’s. I am of course however, I wanted to let you know I am immensely proud of our crews and how they are handling this pandemic. Each person on our staff has had to face the fear that is going on with this disease. Each day they get new rules, new stories and all sorts of things that have the effect of stimulating their fear.

Yet everyday they come to work prepared to face the virus threat. Every day they place themselves on the front lines to serve. As management we have tried to train our crews that customer service is singularly the most important part of their work. Now, under amazingly stressful conditions, each has decided to serve and to serve well. Each goes home tired every night wondering what tomorrow will bring.

We are disinfecting with hydrogen peroxide after each customer transaction; our staff wear gloves then clean with HP after each contact with the public. We are following recommendations from Alberta Health for the best protective measures during these times.

Folks at home see the toll each day brings, while each member of our crew has decided to face the storm and win. Yes I am proud. These crews have given a whole new meaning to our motto “SERVICE BEFORE SELF.”

Thank you folks for trusting us with your water supplies and issues. We enjoy you coming to see us and we are here for you.

Joffre’s Water 30th Anniversary Specials

Joffre’s Water – 30 Years Your Water Expert Since 1990 we have been serving Stony Plain, Spruce Grove and Parkland County, and even further afield with the purest water available in Alberta. No, that is no boastful statement. That is what lab tests keep telling us. Such tests are not only commissioned by us but by others as well. Both government and non-government organizations have need for pure water and we have been filling that need.