Finding the Best Water System

Finding the Best Water System

At Joffre’s we test your water and with our expertise, we can help find and setup the best In-Home Water system for your family. We take into consideration the quality of your water and how many living in the home to estimate your daily usage – Every system we set up is specialized to your family’s needs to ensure good tasting clean water.

One-Stop Shop for Filters Water Equipment Installation

At Joffre’s we install and service all equipment we sell. Additionally, if you feel you would like to install such equipment yourself, we will be most happy to discuss the job with you ahead of time. We carry all parts necessary for installing any equipment we sell.

At Joffre’s we carry all filters and parts needed for your water systems and hot tubs. Filters should be changed as suggested by the manufacturer of your system at least once a year depending on your water. Every 6 months may be required.Water Softeners
We carry and Install Many Benefits with Water Softeners


Folks commonly think that they need a softener only because they can’t have a soapy shower or soapy dishwater. That is only one of the reasons you might consider a water softener. Other reasons are no stains, reduced, if not eliminated, scale deposits eliminates soap scum, helps avoid clogged plumbing and helps eliminate dissolved minerals.

Very often a properly serviced water softener will eliminate rust stains and therefore does away with the need for an expensive iron filter. With a softener, while your nice hard water taste will change, you get longer appliance life, consume far fewer soaps and detergents, get cleaner dishes, towels, and linens and have softer hands.

There are many reasons one should consider a water softener and the expense thereof is often paid with less maintenance on other appliances, lower grocery bills and fewer problems with any appliance or equipment that depends on water.

Water Well Maintenance

If your water starts to smell or have a bad taste, shocking your well will kill bacteria growth in your water system and usually solve the problem. Flushing your pressure tank once a year is highly recommended to keep your water system running properly.


Changing filters as needed is highly recommended and how often will determine the quality of your water

Cistern Maintenance 

It is important to keep bacteria levels low in your cistern and once a year cleaning with hydrogen peroxide (food grade) will keep your water clean. Deal with reputable, potable water delivery services to ensure healthy water.

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