Joffre’s Water is now offering Water Delivery to commercial establishments! Along with this service we also do Coffee Setups for business establishments, keeping your office supplied with great tasting RO Water, coffee and tea and all the extras needed!

We Test Water
1. Free Water Testing at Joffre’s Water to tell us what kind of equipment will help you get the best water in your home! This test will reveal iron levels, hardness of the water and any impurities currently in your water. (this test does not show bacteria or e-coli)

2. Water can also be tested with your local Public Health Department for bacteria or e-coli. This is usually a free test.

3. At Joffre’s Water, we are working with the highly reputable PBR Laboratories Inc. in Edmonton for all water analysis – including well, drinking, potable, waste, treated, effluents, ground, surface or recreation use. Standard packages are offered for a fee and PBR will tailor your water analysis for your specific requirements.